The secret to having a productivity boost

Henry Stanley, a famous 19th century explorer who mapped out the Congo River. He and his team were plagued by malaria, and dysentery. Many of his men were starved to death. They were attacked by the natives, with poisoned arro Continue reading “The secret to having a productivity boost”


The Nice Word

A gift is a blessing, so use it wisely. You can meet a person who spreads love. As soon as you see him you feel the positive energy. You become happy, and you smile. Even if your sad, he might make you forgot all your problems, or at least forces you to smile, by just seeing him. Why is that? Continue reading “The Nice Word”

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day. Mothers have sacrificed a lot in order to raise you, now they depend on you. You are their achievement, so do make them proud.

You can pay them back by grinding! Grind day and night, and you will pay them back.

They are counting on you, please make them proud. “I will make my family proud”

Have a nice day

May God bless us and our families.

Please do share with friends and families.

Sully Tarek

Make A Promise; Bed.

Introducing you to the new series of “Make A Promise”. Actually, it is a challenge. Occasionally, we will challenge you to make a Promise -that will improve your life significantl Continue reading “Make A Promise; Bed.”